Why Rheem?

A Bailey Plumbing proudly uses Rheem products in our business. Rheem has been making quality products in Australia for over 75 years.

Manufacturing Since 1937

Rheem is the largest appliance manufacturer in Australia. They have become a household name by manufacturing quality products in Australia since 1937. Rheem solar hot water systems make up over 70 percent of the nation’s water heaters.

An Australian Company

Imported products may be efficient, but they are not designed for the needs of Australian customers. As an Australian company, Rheem designs solar hot water systems specifically for our harsh climate.

Quality Products

Australians prefer Rheem solar hot water systems over other brands, making it the most favourite brand in the nation. Rheem makes products for every need- solar, gas or electric. With a range of Rheem hot water solutions to choose from, customers can easily find the right product for the right situation.


Rheem offers warranties with their products. Experienced technical personnel are authorised to provide service for Rheem solar hot water and other products right away. Customers can easily arrange service from a trained and qualified technician who can give advice, perform preventative maintenance and repair or replace components as necessary.