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When quality needs to be at its highest, we go to the most well-known and respected product brand in the industry.

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Our Solar Hot water systems are perfect for any size home, with a range of colour choices and mounting options.

A solar water heater or heat pump can help reduce your energy usage over time and bring your carbon emissions down too.


A Bailey Plumbing is able to provide Brisbane households with affordable, reliable and efficient solar power solutions.

We provide complete solar power solutions designed to get the most out of the QLD sunshine and maximise your return on investment.  In some cases a solar power system can completely wipe out your reliance on grid electricity, which means NO MORE BILLS!


Solar Hot Water System

Embrace Sustainability with a Solar Hot Water System

If you are looking for ways to make your home greener and more sustainable, consider installing a new solar hot water system. Conventional hot water systems use a substantial amount of energy, and they are mostly inefficient, in that they need to use gas or electricity continuously to make sure hot water is ready when you need it. At A Bailey Plumbing, we are proud to offer an array of residential solar technologies, including solar hot water setups.

The Benefits of a Solar Hot Water Installation

A solar hot water installation can bring numerous benefits to your home, from the environmental to the economical. Here are some of the top reasons that homeowners choose to invest in a solar electric hot water system –

  • It cuts down on a home’s energy usage. Did you know that water heating typically accounts for 15-20% of a home’s annual energy usage? When you think about how much time you spend utilising hot water in a day, it’s a bit shocking to hear that hot water can account for a fifth of your energy usage. Solar hot water plumbing replaces the gas or electric water heating systems that most homes use and cuts your energy usage considerably.
  • It’s better for the environment. Gas-powered hot water systems rely on burning fossil fuels to heat water, which means carbon emissions. Electric systems might seem like a green option, but since so much electricity is generated by burning coal, even going electric doesn’t mean zero emissions. A solar hot water tank relies entirely on the sun to heat water, which means installing one is your best option if you are dedicated to reducing your emissions, creating a more sustainable home and protecting the environment.
  • It’s low maintenance. Once you’ve made the upfront investment in your solar hot water system installation, you won’t need to worry about frequent upkeep or maintenance. We’ll advise you on the steps you need to take to keep your system in good shape, and we’ll recommend solar hot water service calls with our team every few years. Otherwise, though, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a solar water heating system without doing much in the way of ongoing maintenance or payments.

A solar hot water system won’t necessarily meet 100% of your hot water needs. There will be cloudy days where the system won’t get as much of the solar energy it needs to heat water, and there may also be occasions where you have lots of guests in your home and require more hot water than your system can handle in a short time. For these reasons, we also offer backup electric hot water systems to supplement your solar setups. In terms of the big picture, though, you can expect your solar system to satisfy approximately 80% of your hot water needs — and to reduce your utility bills accordingly.

What Sets A Bailey Plumbing Apart Regarding Solar Hot Water Plumbing

If you are looking for a solar plumbing company to help you explore the possibilities of solar water heaters, look no further than A Bailey Plumbing. We have a few significant differentiators that make us the right company to trust if you are thinking about taking the plunge with solar. These include –

  • Our background. As solar energy has become more accessible and more in-demand across the board, many businesses have cropped up to take advantage of the growth. Most companies that offer to install solar water and plumbing systems are solar companies first and plumbing companies second. We are different. When we established A Bailey Plumbing in 1999, it was a standard plumbing business. We worked on pipes, drains, sinks, toilets, water heaters and other plumbing installations. We got into solar about four years ago, after realising how much potential solar hot water heaters can change the game. By combining our knowledge of plumbing with our passion for solar, we are fully qualified to switch your home or business from an electric hot water system to a solar one.
  • Our connections. We are the sole Rheem distributor for Queensland, which means a lot in the solar energy industry. Rheem Manufacturing Company is an American-based company that has been manufacturing residential and commercial water heaters for 80 years. Today, Rheem is the biggest brand in Australia for water heaters, including solar. A Bailey Plumbing is proud to be the only business in Southeast Queensland that sells Rheem stainless steel models.
  • Our people. Our employees have all been with our company for years and are incredibly well-versed in the products we offer. Whether you have questions about the benefits of solar water heaters or need solar hot water system servicing for an existing system, we can help. Our knowledge even goes beyond Rheem models which, while they are our biggest sellers, are certainly not the only solar hot water systems on the market. We also sell and service other brands (including Enviro-Sun) and are happy to service even products from brands we don’t sell (such as Edwards and Solahart).

When you work with us for solar hot water system installation or solar hot water servicing, you will also enjoy numerous quality guarantees. First, know that we always stand behind our workmanship, offering a standard one-year workmanship guarantee on all installations and servicing that we do. In addition, all the systems we sell have manufacturer’s warranty coverage. The length of those warranties varies, but every system has either a five-year, a seven-year or a ten-year warranty.

Key Questions to Ask A Bailey Plumbing About Your Solar Hot Water System

As you install solar hot water panels, pumps and tanks, you will likely have plenty of questions about how to care for your systems, what to expect in terms of performance and more. Here are a few other enquiries to keep in mind:

  • ‘Do you offer financing?’ If you require financing for your new hot water system, we can help. We offer interest-free financing (via Skye Financing) to make our products more accessible to a wider base of customers.
  • ‘Am I eligible for rebates?’ Eligibility for solar and solar water heater rebates seems to be constantly shifting. Visit our rebates page or get in touch if you have questions about rebates.
  • ‘Can you install equipment I already own?’ Most of our customers come to us seeking a ‘supply and install’ agreement, where they purchase their solar systems from us and have us hook them up. If you already have equipment and only need a professional to install it, we are more than happy to help.

Why A Bailey Plumbing Is Cost-Effective?

A solar hot water system is an upfront investment, but it’s also one that will deliver energy savings, utility bill savings, environmental benefits and other advantages for years or even decades to come. If you are looking for a cost-effective, reliable system from a proven brand, we are standing by to sell you the equipment and take care of the installation. Contact us today to get started.