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A Bailey Plumbing provides hot water service, supply and installation to our Brisbane customers. We proudly deliver old-fashioned service and quality Australian-made products.



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A Bailey Plumbing proudly uses Rheem products in our business. Rheem has been making quality products in Australia for over 75 years.





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Bring Down Your Energy Bill with Solar Hot Water in Brisbane

Solar hot water in Brisbane has the potential to reduce your reliance on grid electricity and as a result, save you money on your energy bill. It’s a clean form of energy that has minimal impact on the environment.

Benefits of Solar Hot Water System in Brisbane

Hot water has become an essential commodity in many homes and businesses. Opening the tap to hot water requires a large amount of energy. While some businesses and private homes have resorted to gas or oil to heat water, the majority of people use electricity to heat water. However, solar power is the future and will reduce your dependence on electricity.

  • Solar energy is free. Harnessing the heat from the sun provides clean, efficient power that protects the environment. As opposed to burning fossil fuels or paying exorbitant rates for electricity, 80% of the sun’s rays can be captured as heat energy. Apart from the initial costs of setting up your solar-powered heating system, there isn’t much to pay for afterwards.
  • Installing a solar hot water system ensures that you will always have hot water. A common misconception is that the solar panels won’t harness any energy on cloudy days. This is incorrect as the panels still absorb the sun’s rays even through the cloud cover.
  • The system will last for a long time. It does require occasional maintenance, but if managed correctly, it could be functional for up to four decades. Since the system comprises of few components, repairs required are minimal.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Hot Water Systems in Brisbane

Opting for solar systems has surged in recent times with more people being environmentally-conscious. However, common errors still occur when deciding to move over to solar power.

  • Failing to conduct proper research is the first mistake people make. Opting for the first contractor isn’t advisable. Similar to other home improvements, the cost of installing a solar water heating system varies with each contractor. On that note, don’t always decide on the cheapest option as you may get exactly what you paid for and wind up with a system that breaks down regularly.
  • Solar power is hugely reliant on the sun so failing to consider the amount of sun you receive in your area is a huge error. There are options for various climates; hence you must do a full evaluation of the amount of sunshine your roof receives daily.
  • Not taking into consideration the age of your roof. Solar panels can last a long time but installing new panels on an old roof isn’t a great idea. At some point, you will need to repair or refurbish your roof. As a result, your solar panels would have to be removed and then re-installed.

About A Bailey Plumbing

We’ve been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years, but the demand for solar hot water pushed us to get involved in the past four years. Apart from installing the systems, we also do solar hot water repairs in Brisbane. We are a licensed distributor of the household Rheem brand which has been around for 80 years and are the biggest brand in the country. In fact, we are the only contractor supplying Rheem stainless steel models. Contact us for solar hot water service in Brisbane.