Why Rheem?

A Bailey Plumbing proudly uses Rheem products in our business. Rheem has been making quality products in Australia for over 75 years.

Manufacturing Since 1937

Rheem is the largest appliance manufacturer in Australia. They have become a household name by manufacturing quality products in Australia since 1937. Rheem solar hot water systems make up over 70 percent of the nation’s water heaters.

An Australian Company

Imported products may be efficient, but they are not designed for the needs of Australian customers. As an Australian company, Rheem designs solar hot water systems specifically for our harsh climate.

Quality Products

Australians prefer Rheem solar hot water systems over other brands, making it the most favourite brand in the nation. Rheem makes products for every need- solar, gas or electric. With a range of Rheem hot water solutions to choose from, customers can easily find the right product for the right situation.


Rheem offers warranties with their products. Experienced technical personnel are authorised to provide service for Rheem solar hot water and other products right away. Customers can easily arrange service from a trained and qualified technician who can give advice, perform preventative maintenance and repair or replace components as necessary.

Harness the Heat of the Sun in Your Home with Rheem Solar Hot Water

A Bailey Plumbing is your trusted supplier to help you enjoy the many benefits of our partnership, allowing us to bring you Rheem solar hot water. Since 1999 we have been a reliable name that delivers on affordable and efficient solar solutions. Your household too, can enjoy the numerous advantages that the energy of the sun provides.

Benefits of A Rheem Solar Hot Water System

You will be amazed at the numerous benefits of our systems once we have installed your Rheem hot water system.

  • Cost-saving is the most apparent benefit people associate with hot water systems. You might consider your initial Rheem water heater installation to be pricey. This initial investment, however, soon starts to show a promising return on investment. The savings on your electricity bill will tally up fast and then you can genuinely enjoy long-term benefits. You can also get a slight relief from this expense through STCs given by the local government. STCs provide an incentive to encourage citizens to install heat and solar pumps at their homes. When you speak to us about your Rheem solar hot water service, you can also find out more about our available financing solutions.
  • You will soon find that your solar system is capable of much more than merely warming your water with the sun’s energy. Our professional team will advise you on the numerous added benefits of a solar-powered system. Our quality systems can deliver enough power to utilise in many different ways in your home, allowing you to go off the national grid.
  • Many options available. Our Rheem solar water heater range offers you various solutions for your unique needs. The ideal location for our 52L roof-mounted water heater is the more tropical locations. These locations are frost-free, and with a good quality potable water available, it can be the best solution for your home. The heater system directly heats your water and circulates the heated water back into a stainless-steel storage tank, ready for you to use in your home. Where you do experience snowfall or frost at your home, our 52H series is a better-suited solution. The system relies on the heat transferring properties of anti-freeze fluid to warm up your water. The indirect system doesn’t let the water flow through the collector panels. It is the anti-freeze that circulates and transfers the heat to the water. It is an effective solution in colder areas. These two systems are only two of the options available, and we would like to invite you to speak to us about your specific needs.

What Sets A Baily Plumbing Apart Regarding a Rheem Hot Water System in Brisbane

In just over two decades we became an established supplier of Rheem in Brisbane.

  • We do each installation of our efficient solar systems with professionalism and quality workmanship, which means much better value for your money. Our staff has extensive experience in the solar industry. Thus, we can answer all your questions and resolve your concerns.
  • We are proud of our association with the prestigious name of Rheem. Their locally-produced systems suit the various needs for solar systems across Australia. For over 80 years, Rheem has only delivered quality products and is the largest supplier of these kinds of systems in the entire country. Due to their trust in our proficiency, we are the only supplier that can supply their stainless-steel models to you. All of the systems what we install are either covered by a 5, 7 or 10-year warranty.
  • Quality guaranteed. You can have the peace of mind knowing that you will only receive work of the highest quality. Our business is operating under the strict guidelines of the BSA. To keep our license, we don’t only adhere to their standards, but always aim at excelling beyond it. Regardless of whether you need gas, electric or solar assistance, our team is here to help. We back our quality artistry with a one-year warranty on all our workmanship.

Our success centres around the fact that our staff is passionate about the work they do. We always aim to exceed any expectation through quality products, qualification and experience-driven work.

About A Bailey Plumbing

As a supplier of Rheem hot water systems for many years, we understand the needs of the area. We know that you might have various concerns when you are planning to install a solar system at your home. So, our team of professionals are here to assist with quality and efficiency.

Contact us and discuss your needs for optimal heating solutions at your home.